Annual Disclosure Information – UConn 2000 Bonds

Annual Continuing Disclosure Information  (for each the General Obligation (“GO”) and Special Obligation (“SO”) Student Fee Revenue filings)

Annual Continuing Disclosure Filings with EMMA for GO-DSC and SO-SFR Bonds:

GO Annual Continuing Disclosure Information UConn/UCH fs 6/30/2021: EMMA

SO Annual Continuing Disclosure Information UConn/UCH fs 6/30/2021: EMMA 


Annual Disclosure information filings are required by the SEC, MSRB and Indentures for UConn because we issue debt in the Public Markets.

Continuing Disclosure Agreement (“CDA”): Is a contract that has been executed by UConn’s EVPA&CFO (as the Issuer) and the Trustee Bank (representing bondholders) in connection with the issuance sale of bonds. Example:  Executed CDA General Obligation Bonds 2019 Series A  Example: Executed CDA UConn Special Obligation Student Fee Revenue Bonds 2018 Series A

Disclosure Practices:  This document is intended to comply with this and to serve as an orientation for officials new to the disclosure process and a training resource.  It is also intended to (1) facilitate compliance with applicable law and existing contracts when preparing and distributing disclosure documents, (2) reduce the chances of making a material misstatement or misleading omission in disclosure to investors and (3) establish a defense of reasonable care against actions for misstatements and omissions should they occur.

UConn Disclosure Practices_January 1 2020

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